"They manage real Estate the way it should be, not the way that many agents do in London. I highly recommend Arrive Homes to any teacher looking for accommodation in the greater London area."

Emma Eldridge
Tenant, 2011

"I would definitely recommend this company, the service was amazing and just what I needed. I could stay for as long or as little as I wanted to, which gave me the freedom to come just for the short time I needed."

Claire Anne Grant
Tenant, 2011

"Thanks to Arrive Homes for providing such a great service - our feedback has been excellent and you really do make the process of moving from Australia to London much easier!"

Protocol Education

"Congrats! You deff made the process much easier for me!"

Laille Edgar
Tenant, 2014

"Overall, my experience with Arrive homes has been very positive and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is thinking about living in London."

Kimberley Starchuk
Tenant, 2013

"My experience with Arrive Homes has been excellent. My arrival into London was a seamless transition from the airport to my new home."

Paul Nixon
Tenant, 2009

"I most certainly recommend anyone considering moving to London to find a home through Arrive Homes. You will not be disappointed."

Priya G.
Tenant, 2010

"I have no hesitation in recommending Arrive Homes to anyone moving to live in London. They made the transition of moving from Australia to the UK easy and simple."

Kristen Watt
Tenant, 2010

Find the right accommodation for you with Arrive Homes

Arrive Homes is a leading provider in shared accommodation for overseas teachers and professionals looking to live in London.

  • Our affordable rents include all bills (heating, water, tv livencing and basic tv, internet, council tax).
  • Our contract arrangements are very flexible - there is no fixed length, and you can leave on short notice.
  • Our houses are fully furnished with all the necessary amenities of a home.
  • Our services and quality standards are reputable and unmatched in the industry.

Contact us now to discuss your accommodation needs, or for more options, visit our availability listings.

Renting a Room in a House Share vs. Living in Your Own Flat

Many people look to arrive in London and get a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, ideally located in the west end or within zones 1 and 2. If you are in agreement, please first consider the following:

Having a flat to yourself in London is incredibly expensive. In the west, you could be asked to pay upwards of £1500 or more as your monthly rent. You could pay this on your salary as a single professional, but it would likely account for most of your monthly income, which is generally the case for most accommodation options between zones 1 and 2.

We can of course help you in your quest to find your own flat in the area you most desire, but consider also that when renting your own flat, you will likely have to enter into lengthy contracts with bill providers, put out extra money for furnishing your new place - and donít forget to add on monthly bill payments for utilities and licensing. You may find that you no longer have a budget for travel and entertainment.

And if your agreement to let an accommodation is legit (and you are not being ripped off by a bad deal), you will generally sign into an agreement of at least a year with an agent. Itís almost next to impossible to find a decent place to stay in London for a couple months with the option to move once youíve had more time to familiarise yourself with the city.

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