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Meet the Team

Phil Tierney - Director

As a qualified teacher, Phil worked in full-time education for nine years before going full-time with the business in September 2011 as director alongside his partner, Aaron, whom he met and built a relationship with whilst teaching in the same department.

Phil manages all aspects of finance and oversees marketing for the business. He maintains the rent and deposits, the bills and payments, and balances the budgeting and spending of the business, whilst dealing with the legalities, agreements and contracts involved in letting our properties.

Many of our successful working partnerships can be attributed to Phil’s focused efforts to network and build key relationships with agencies and affiliated businesses across London and the UK. You will often catch him attending the latest conference or seminar, always seeking to improve and strengthen our business strategy.

Aaron Gauthier - Director

Aaron Photo

Aaron’s story of becoming a director of Arrive Homes began when he first arrived in the UK from Canada in 2007 as a secondary school teacher looking for work and new experiences abroad:

“When I first arrived, it was an overwhelming to say the least. I was in a new country, starting a new teaching job and teaching in a new school system. The absolute last thing I wanted to worry about was my accommodation upon arrival.

Once I arrived I had to find a decent hostel (as hotels can be very expensive) and begin the challenging search for a great place to live in London. Without knowing the different areas and neighbourhoods, the search proved to be very time-consuming and difficult. I spent day upon day going to viewings of shared houses that I knew I would never feel comfortable living in. Finally, I had to settle in a house with strangers I learned I had nothing in common with, living in a small room, feeling completely on my own and being overcharged for bills, when all the while trying to build a career in teaching in a country far from anything familiar to home.

This experience has been the core influence and inspiration for Arrive Homes, and two years later, Phil and I started the business for which has become successful in providing affordable, clean and modern shared accommodation for working professionals in London. We have taken the stress out of the transition that overseas teachers embark on your arrival to the UK from Canada, Australia or New Zealand. We have also extended our services to include all working professionals in London because we truly understand your needs and desired lifestyle. We look forward to helping you settle into your new home."

Aaron’s role as director is to manage and oversee the day-to-day on-goings of the business, including managing the team, locating new properties to add to our listings, and ensuring the smooth operation of all daily activities and communications. You may see Aaron attend a house inspection, meet with a property owner or technician or pass him by on a tube platform travelling from one property visit to another. He is there to help in the most difficult of situations.