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Who We Are

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Established in 2009 by two teachers – Phil Tierney and Aaron Gauthier – Arrive Homes has expanded from a small operation to one which lets over 40 properties across all parts of London, offering affordable, clean and spacious shared living for professionals.

We’d like to believe our concept is the reason for our success, but simply, tenants and word of mouth have built a large part of our popularity with professionals looking for a great place to live in London.

We are not a real estate agency, but rather a property lettings company specialising in providing shared accommodations to overseas teachers and professionals alike.

We strive to always give our best in the services and standards we provide.

Our friendly and helpful team members are there to help you choose the right room to fit your needs, be there to meet and greet you on move-in day or upon arrival to London, introduce you to other tenants in the house, and assist you with your general queries, maintenance needs and repairs. You can trust our dedicated team to get whatever your issue is solved as quickly as possible.

We are in part a success because of the quality standards in accommodation we offer professionals.

Our homes are specifically chosen based on the needs of professionals looking for the perfect place. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, our directors are passionate about staying informed and up-to-date with the current trends for property and areas of living in London. All aspects of a prospective tenant are considered when choosing to add a new home to our property listings.

Our quality standards in the industry are unmatched. Our properties are kept clean and attractive for letting. We carry out routine inspections to check for any items that need replacing due to fair wear and tear and to keep the property modern, and we have provided a maintenance section for our tenants to save you time in maintaining the property with helpful tips, how –to’s and quick fixes for cleaning, maintenance or basic repairs.

For those times the maintenance site can’t be of assistance, we have provided an online maintenance report for you to fill out and submit for follow-up by one of our team members. You have our help and assistance every step of the way.