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What Is Included In The Rent?

All bills - council tax, electric, gas, water, tv and tv licence and the internet.

Are there fees for using Arrive Homes?

No - there are no fees or hidden charges. Compare this to some estate agents where there are many fees and charges incurred.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?

Yes. You need to pay a deposit before you move into the property. This is always the equivalent of the monthly price of a room. For example, if your room is £600 per month then this is the deposit amount. The deposit is often referred to as 'bond'.

What Is The Minimum Time I Can Be A Tenant For?

You must serve a qualifying period of 6 weeks when moving into a property. If you are still looking to leave after 6 weeks you can give your 2-month notice. If you are just arriving or planning to stay during the months of June and July we can offer summer placements up until the beginning of September.

Can I Arrange A Taxi From The Airport To The Property?

Yes. We can arrange this for you upon your arrival. We use reliable and trusted taxi drivers who will pick you up at an agreed spot and take you to the property. Here you will meet a member of the Arrive Homes team or a designated member of the existing house share.

Can I Pre-Book And Reserve Rooms In Advance?

Yes. This is possible and often recommended, particularly during our busier times of the year. While it is nice to have the peace of mind to view rooms/houses yourself, using the knowledge and expertise of the Arrive Homes team can guarantee you a place from the comfort of your computer/phone before you arrive in the United Kingdom.

How Are My Housemates Selected?

We only accept like-minded, working professionals into our houses. Most housemates are commonly registered with teaching and professional agencies in London.

What Happens If I Need To Relocate Because Of My Job?

This is perfectly normal. You can either follow the notice period as explained or move at the earliest opportunity to an available Arrive Homes property that is closer to your place of work.

How Do I Pay My Rent?

Rent should be paid by standing order to Arrive Homes. This will due on the day of the month you moved into the property. For example, if you move in on the 15th of a calendar month, you rent is due on the 15th of every month. Account details are provided on your move in or previously via email.

What If I Am Late With My Rent?

Please make every effort to pay your rent on the agreed date. If in exceptional circumstances you have difficulty please contact a member of Arrive Homes management. If there is no communication a penalty charge may be incurred.

Can I use the deposit to pay for the last month's rent?

The deposit/bond can NOT be used to pay for the last month's rent. The idea of the deposit is to protect against any damages that may arise during your tenancy and to cover any possible unpaid rents owed.

How Are The Properties Kept Clean?

It is the responsibility of you as tenants to keep the house clean and tidy. We supply guidelines and a maintenance section for helpful tips and how-to’s on cleaning, maintenance and basic home repairs. We recommend that each house use a cleaning rota to share the responsibilities of maintenance and cleaning equally. There is also the option of a cleaning service wherein costs are shared amongst housemates. Arrive Homes does not provide or pay for cleaning services, but we can recommend some in your area if you are interested.

What Happens If People Do Not Keep The House Clean And Tidy?

Every effort should be made to address the situation amicably and cooperatively. We recommend a cleaning rota. Please speak respectfully to those who are not contributing to the ethos of the houseshare face to face rather than to others. If there is no resolution, please inform us of the issue by filling in an online maintenance report form.

What If I Want To Leave The Property?

To give us your 2-month notice, email with your move out date and reason for your departure. Once this email has been received your 2-month notice period takes effect.

How Is My Deposit Refunded?

Your deposit is refunded via online bank transfer. Please email a member of Arrive Homes management at least one day before departure with your bank details. We aim to return your deposit within 7-10 business days following the move-out procedures and a final inspection once the room is vacated.

When Can I Expect My Deposit To Be Repaid?

Deposits are refunded within 7- 10 business days after your departure via online transfer. Please avoid closing down UK bank accounts until this has happened.

Do I Need to Maintain the Garden (If Applicable)?

You are entirely responsible as a tenant for the maintenance of the garden and exterior attractiveness of the property in which you reside. This involves cutting the grass and trimming any hedges where applicable. If you do not want to do any gardening, or if the garden is not being properly maintained, Arrive Homes can organise a gardener that will be paid for by the tenants currently living in the house share.

How Do I Report House Maintenance Issues?

If you need to report a maintenance issue or need for repairs, please submit a report via our online maintenance site. Select an appropriate category to get started.

What If I Want Family And Friends To Stay?

We recognise that family and friends may want to stay in the property when they come to visit. If anyone is considering staying longer than 5 working days, Arrive Homes must be contacted prior to the person staying. Please communicate with other housemates and keep them informed if you are having will be guests stay.

Once I have secured a room what do I need to bring?

We recommend that you buy your own bedding, towels and linen on arrival to the UK or the house. There are plenty of options in the locality. All kitchenware, and appliances, irons, ironing boards are all supplied at the properties