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Welcome to the maintenance section. Here you will find helpful tips and simple how-to's on cleaning, maintenance and basic home repair. To get started, simply make your selection from the categories and drop-down menus provided.

If you would like to report on maintenance and need for repairs, first choose the appropriate category. The online maintenance report form can be found on the page you navigate to.

Before You Begin...

Arrive Homes strives for the best quality standards in the industry.

Our expectations are the same as yours. We look to have our properties clean and properly maintained so that shared living in London is a great experience.

When it comes to maintenance, there are shared responsibilities between the landlord and the tenant. Arrive Homes takes care of all the maintenance involved with the home exterior, whilst all tenants are responsible for the general maintenance and cleanliness of the home interior.

This maintenance section has been developed to support you in tackling some of those common maintenance problems you may come across whilst living in London.

In this maintenance section you will find:

Common Maintenance Problems an easier fix
Most homes in London are quite old, and as such, things break down and stop working as they should sometimes. Some maintenance you can prevent, whilst some will inevitably happen - but you may be able to solve a common problem quickly and much more easily than you first thought.

Information is easy-to-follow and accessible
Displayed by a collection of videos, simple how-tos, easy step-by-steps, tips and expert advice, if there is no water pressure for your morning shower, you know to check this maintenance site to sort it out quickly.

A simple and easy site to navigate
Choose your category, read all of the information, including the helpful tips and videos, and if and when you can't find a solution to your problem, submit a maintenance form online. An Arrive Homes representative will be in contact with you shortly.

To browse our comprehensive list of maintenance information, please use the navigation menu to the right.

Get your maintenance issues solved quickly
Our representatives can provide you with help and assistance to solve the smallest or most complicated maintenance problems as quickly as possible, but it can often be quicker to solve the problem DIY-style first before calling us or us calling a technician.

Is it an Emergency?

Emergency Repairs are different from urgent or routine repairs. If there is loss of lighting, flooding, water leaks affecting electrics or other major leaks, or loss of security to your home, this would be considered an emergency.

It is an emergency issue if there is a danger posed to health, safety or serious damage and destruction to property. Contact Arrive Homes immediately in the event of an emergency.

It is not an emergency issue if there is partial loss of electricity, loss of water heating, minor leaks and electrical faults or blocked drains. You may in fact be able to solve some of these problems yourself. Just navigate to the appropriate category for easy and helpful tips and how-tos. Submit a report if the problem cannot be solved by yourself or anyone living currently in the house.


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