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Cleaning and Safety

Splatters of food in a microwave look bad, smell bad, and decrease the efficiency of your microwave. Fortunately, microwaves aren't hard to clean if you know how. Before you do anything, ALWAYS make sure that the appliance is turned off and unplugged before attempting to clean or fix any problem(s).

Almost all kitchen cleaners can do the trick, but here are some of the many useful tips and simple step-by-step instructions online:

Maintenance and Proper Care

Regular cleaning of your microwave will give the proper care and maintenance required to keep the appliance working in good working order. Find Maintenance Tips for your Microwave

Does the light bulb in your microwave need changing?

Look here to find out how:

Here are some Useful Tips:

Clean your microwave after every use. Think of it this way: Stuck on foods take longer to wipe clean. Enough said.

Cover your food when microwaving. This will save you time and effort cleaning.


Need Further Assistance?

To report any damage or need for repairs, please provide a full description of the maintenance issue when filling in your online Maintenance Report form.

Once you have submitted a report, an Arrive Homes representative will be in contact with you shortly.