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Washing Machine

Cleaning and Safety

At first thought, cleaning a washing machine does not make much sense, but like in all other appliances, things can get in the way from everyday use that can cause inconvenient breakdowns.

Common culprits to look for when removing clogs are items left in pockets, hair elastics and accessories, and general hair, fabric and dirt being collected and balled up over washes. If it is an electrical problem, ALWAYS make sure that the appliance is turned off and unplugged before attempting to clean or fix any problem(s).

Not sure how to Clean a Washing Machine? Find out some of the helpful tips available:

Cleaning a Washing Machine Filter

Cleaning a washing machine filter should be done regularly to avoid and prevent any damage to the appliance. Often objects, such as bobby pins, coins and things accidentally left in pockets of laundry will get caught up by the filter and can jam if not removed and cleaned properly.

The video above shows where to locate the washing machine filter on your appliance. Some may be slightly different in make and model, however, you will most often find the filter to be located at the front of the appliance at the bottom where a case will need to be removed to access the actual filter itself.

To clean the washing machine filter:
1. Locate the washing machine filter on your appliance and remove the casing.
2. Place a rag or old cloth underneath the filter to catch any excess water that may be left in the piping of the filter from a previous wash.
3. Turn the filter knob clockwise to remove it. If you find you cannot open the filter, its often a sign that there is a jam in the filter. You may need to wiggle the filter as you are turning it to get it open and unstuck.
4. When the filter has been removed, clear, clean and rinse it of all objects and debris.
5. Manually clean out the piping as there is often objects stuck or jammed close to the opening.
6. Tightly screw the filter back in anti-clockwise so to avoid leaks in between washes.

Maintenance and Proper Care

Regular cleaning of your washing machine will give the proper care and maintenance required to keep the appliance in good working order. Find out Maintenance Tips for Your Washing Machine:

Here are some Useful Tips: 

Clean your hair and debris from the washing machine after every use. Empty the collected debris and de-clog attachments and parts to avoid inconvenient and costly problems.

Remove the soap tray and wash clean. Soap trays can get moldy and create an odour. Trays are made to be removed and can be cleaned easily in between washes.


Need Further Assistance?

To report any damage or need for repairs, please provide a full description of the maintenance issue when filling in your online Maintenance Report form.

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