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Mold & Mildew

How Do I Get Rid of Mold?

The warm moisture atmosphere in a bathroom is ideal for growing mold and mildew, and many bathrooms are not properly insulated in most houses in London. Here are some simple tips to keep control over any mold growth, big or small:

Keep room temperatures within 65 to 70F and the relative humidity within 45%-65% to prevent moisture and dampness. Killing the mold at its source is the only safe and effective way to get rid of it.

Keep the room properly ventilated. Leave bathroom doors, shower doors and curtains open. Use the extractor fan. Keep windows open when possible.

Spray Mold & Mildew Remover. Make sure that when you purchase the product it does what it says: removes mold. Buy the product, and simply follow the instructions on the product.

Want a Natural Approach to Cleaning Mold?
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How Can I Prevent Mold? 

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Bathrooms should be washed with a mold-preventing or mold-killing solution at least once a week. Repair leaks, use an extractor fan, increase ventilation and light in the room, and keep all surfaces clean and dry to prevent growth, including bathroom fixtures, floors and walls, the shower curtain, tile, the area behind the toilet, window moldings, rubbish bins, and towel mats. Keep the tub de-cluttered of bottles and soap products.

Use the following list to help target the common areas to clean and keep dry in your home:

  • Sponge/Squeegee and wipe down damp surfaces and bathroom walls and stalls

  • Keep shower doors and curtains open after showering

  • Keep rubbish bins clean with a disinfectant

  • Hang towel and bath mats to air dry after each use, and launder once a week

  • Clean shower curtains, fabric and vinyl with hot water, detergent and bleach solution

  • Clean toilet and area with a disinfectant

  • Clean and keep dry all surfaces using a disinfectant

  • Clean surfaces with mold product see Bathroom Tile & Grout for helpful tips

Here are some Useful Tips:

Clean mold on wet surfaces. Spray the mold first with cleaning agent before scrubbing. This will keep spores from becoming airborne whilst cleaning the surface.

Remove and discard of moldy items.

Spray & Scrub with Bleach. How much bleach, detergent and water do I use? Mix one part detergent, five parts bleach and twenty parts warm water. Make it 10 parts bleach for a stronger solution. After you have made your cleaning agent, simply spray and let sit before srubbing.

Find out helpful tips on how to remove and prevent mold growth on tile grout under Bathroom Tile&Grout

Damp patches may result from or be the cause of a mold problem. Find the information you need to report the issue under Bathroom Damp&Leaks

If the mold is extreme and uncontrollable, and/or there is evidence of deterioration due to the mold, report the issue immediately.


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