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A heating system is not just the thermostat. It is a network of pipes, valves, and radiators all leading to the main boiler. Leaks do happen.

If the heat or gas shuts off, leaks are often overlooked as being the problem, likely because not many people know what to look for or how to diagnose a leaky problem.

Check that your heating or gas hasn't shut off because of:

  • a leaky boiler
  • a dripping overflow pipe
  • a central heating pipe leak(s)
  • a leaking radiator
  • More helpful information and explanation on what to do if you have any of these problems to do with Leaks can be found on this site:

    Often, the problem is much more simpler than a leak, but knowing what to check for and where to check a leak will help to identify and narrow the problem to avoid costly service technician call-outs.

    If you think that the problem is the boiler, see Heating&HotWater Boiler Problems.

    If you have a problem with the radiators, see Heating&HotWater Radiators.

    If there is no hot water or water pressure, see Heating&HotWater Hot Water Problems.

    If there is a gas leak or problem with gas meters or connections, contact Arrive Homes immediately.

    Rattling or noisy pipes? See Heating&HotWater Boiler Problems to troubleshoot, resolve and/or report a description of the issue.

    Do you have a mold problem caused by a leak? Depending where the leak is, the Arrive Homes maintenance site can help. Locate the problem first.

    Here are some Useful Tips:

    Is the heating and hot water both shut off? Check the pressure gauge on the boiler. The pressure needle should be pointing somewhere between 1 and 2.

    Is the timer properly set on the boiler? Check the timer is set to be on.

    See How to Set a Digital Timer on a Thermostat:

    If you want to find out How to Set an Analog Timer on a heating system, you can use this video as a guide:

    Always shut off the water valve before diagnosing or fixing a hot water problem.

    If you have checked the radiators in the house, the timer and thermostat settings and the pressure on the boiler, and you have made the attempts needed to try and fix the problem, and you are still experiencing problems with heating or your boiler, report a description of the problem by filling in a maintenance form.

    Need Further Assistance?

    To report any damage or need for repairs, please provide a full description of the maintenance issue when filling in your online Maintenance Report form.

    Once you have submitted a report, an Arrive Homes representative will be in contact with you shortly.