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Dripping Faucet

Do you have a kitchen tap that is dripping constantly? 

9 times out of 10 a worn out washer is the cause for a leaking tap or dripping faucet.

To fix your dripping tap, watch this video:

Or follow this step-by-step how-to:

You can find replacement washers and any required tools and equipment that you need at any home hardware store, including B&Q, Homebase, Wickes and other independent local hardware stores.Washers will vary in size. Bring the old one in with you to a parts store to find an exact match. Keep receipts for reimbursement.

Here are some Useful Tips: 

Place a bucket underneath the leak to catch any dripping water.

Turn off the water to your faucet and avoid a big mess! Look underneath your sink for the pipes that run up to your faucet. Along those pipes somewhere will be handles that you can turn to shut off the water to your sink. Twist clockwise to shut off.

Plug the drain with a rag. Nothing will ruin your day faster than having a screw or a washer go down the drain.

Take a picture of your kitchen faucet. A picture can be helpful to bring to a parts store to show a store representative to get the help you need fast.

Are the pipes leaking? Do you see puddles of water forming where there shouldn't be? Go to Kitchen Damp&Leaks or Kitchen Blocked Drain to find the information you need.

Need Further Assistance?

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