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Leaking Sink Pipes

Are the pipes underneath your kitchen sink leaking?

Quite often a leaking sink pipe is the result of one of the attachments becoming loose or misaligned. Your first step is to place a bucket under the pipes to catch any water.

Try these simple steps to fix a leaking sink pipe:

  • First, Remove the trap and clear it out.
  • Check that the waste pipe is aligned properly.
  • Next, tighten any connector pipes clockwise.

  • You can find any tools and equipment that you will need at any home hardware store, including B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, and local independent stores. Keep receipts for reimbursement.

    Here are some Useful Tips:

    Useful tips to help remove and prevent mold due to moisture and damp can be found under Kitchen Mold&Mildew via the maintenance home page.

    If the leak persists and you have made attempts to fix the problem by following the steps above, please report the problem by filling out a maintenance form.

    Report a description of any visible damp patches or water damage by filling out a maintenance form.

    Need Further Assistance?

    To report any damage or need for repairs, please provide a full description of the maintenance issue when filling in your online Maintenance Report form.

    Once you have submitted a report, an Arrive Homes representative will be in contact with you shortly.