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Tile & Grout

How Can I Get Tile & Grout Clean?

There are plenty of tile & grout products on the market that are useful in removing mold&mildew from tile grout. Ideally, you want a product with mold inhibitors, as these will discourage mold or mildew from returning. If you are looking for a cost effective alternativemake your own mixture of soda, vinegar and bleach.

B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, Tesco, Sainbury's and Asda are just a few stores where you can find a selection of tile & grout cleaners to buy.

Instructions: Spray and/or apply cleaner over the grout lines, and let sit for 2 minutes. Leave on longer for best results and for severe cases. Scrub over the grout lines using a toothbrush or scrubbing pad, and wipe with a towel or rag. Leave to dry. Repeat if necessary.

How Can I Prevent Mold & Mildew Growth and Build Up on Tile Grout?

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Mold & mildew will continue to grow and collect in the tile grout if not properly cleaned regularly. Save yourself time and effort!

Here are some simple and easy ways to prevent growth
and build up of mold on tile grout:

  • squeegee or towel down tiled walls to reduce moisture
  • leave doors open to help ventilate the area/space
  • turn on fan and ventilation systems when needed
  • use disinfectant for frequent cleaning of tiles and grout
  • keep tiles and grout dry

  • Here are some Useful Tips:

    If the grout is chipping away and the tiles are becoming loose, chipped and/or broken, report a description immediately by filling in a maintenance form.

    If the mold & mildew is extreme and uncontrollable, and looks like the picture above, report a description immediately by filling in a maintenance form.

    Go to Kitchen Mold&Mildew for more helpful tips on removal and prevention!

    Need Further Assistance?

    To report any damage or need for repairs, please provide a full description of the maintenance issue when filling in your online Maintenance Report form.

    Once you have submitted a report, an Arrive Homes representative will be in contact with you shortly.