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Pigeons can be a nuisance, especially if they've found themselves a home on top or next to yours. Luckily, there are clever ways to deter them from staying too long!

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How to Get Rid of and Prevent Pigeons Being Pests

See How to Get Rid of Pigeons for helpful tips on what to do:

This site is dedicated to humane control, and offers lots of tips and advice on pigeon control and prevention:

Read All About Pigeons to learn more about their behavior and habits:

Do You Have a Neighbour that Feeds Pigeons?

Find out if you do, and if so, ask that neighbor politely and in a productively positive way to stop and explain the damage and nuisance it is causing to the homes around. You will find that some British folk take enjoyment out of feeding pigeons (an old favourite past time perhaps, as a parody of Mary Poppins as well). Some may be stubborn about stopping.

If you have made attempts to speak with your neighbor about the issue and you feel like your concerns are being ill forgotten, contact your local council and ask about your options and how you can proceed with your issue.

Your local council will likely give you ideas for how you can manage the problem without having to deal with the neighbor i.e.) ways to pigeon-proof your garden, etc. Ask if they provide any of these items for free. Each local council will deal with an issue differently and within its own jurisdiction.

Professional Pigeon Pest Control

There are a wide variety of solutions available for handling a Pigeon infestation.

Using products such as BirdCoil, Birdwire, Bird-Flite Bird Spikes, as well as Bird-Shock Flex-Track electrical track can solve many ledge problems. Methods like trapping or use of moving predator or netting are extreme options and rarely used to treat home infestations.

Ask a service representative at any local hardware store, including B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, or any local independent store, for more information on your options for pest control.

Need Further Assistance?

To report any damage or need for repairs, please provide a full description of the maintenance issue when filling in your online Maintenance Report form.

Once you have submitted a report, an Arrive Homes representative will be in contact with you shortly.