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Since its establishment in 2009, Arrive Homes has helped a large number of teachers and other professionals find affordable, clean and spacious accommodation in house shares in London.

This page features testimonial from many of our previous tenants, as well as professional agencies we continue to work with.

Please take a look below to see why we have such a strong reputation in the industry for our services.

Protocol Education Australia

"Thanks to Arrive Homes for providing such a great service to our Aussie teachers travelling to the UK! Our feedback has been excellent and you really do make the process of moving from Australia to London much easier.

Big thanks to Phil, Aaron, Debbie & Ryan!"

Zach Petit, Tenant

"Thanks to the company as they have helped make my time here a lot easier to adjust and was a complete godsend at the very beginning".

Keith Darragh, Tenant

"Thank you for the residence. If I know anyone planning to move over I will be certain to recommend Arrive Homes."

Freda Farmand, Previous Tenant

"I have been very happy to have rented from Arrive Homes during my time in London. It made my transition to the UK much easier and my stay much more enjoyable. I have been recommending Arrive Homes to my colleagues and will continue to do so."

Chris Swaine, Tenant

"Choosing to go with Arrive Homes for the last 5 years has been an excellent choice for myself. The two homes I've lived in have been spacious and very comfortable. The tenants I've shared with have been like minded individuals which is always a bonus. It's been a great way to meet new people over the years.

It's definitely been a weight off my shoulders not having to deal with letting agents, utilities, broadband etc. Just one payment and you don't have to worry about anything. Great to have when arriving in a new country.

Phil, Aaron and the team are always available to sort out any issues that may come along the way. I'd definitely recommend Arrive Homes to anyone who wants a stress free transition."

Laille Edgar, Tenant

"Congrats! You deff made the process much easier for me!"

Kimberley Starchuk, Teacher, Previous Tenant

"Moving abroad can be a daunting, yet thrilling experience and the hardest part can be finding a place to call home. I know that this was true in my case, but my worries were put on hold as soon as I discovered Arrive Homes. I got in contact with Aaron who talked me through the process of finding a place and he let me know what houses he had available.

Move in day could not have been any easier. Aaron did not hesitate to pick me up from the train station and take me to the house. Anyone arriving in London for the first time would agree that finding your bearings takes some time; so having him offer to meet me was definitely a relief.

Living in one of an Arrive Homes houses made everything effortless, which is why my decision to stay with them for two years was an easy one to make. Aaron and Phil were very accommodating in many ways. Their understanding, patience and professional attitudes make this company a success. Overall, my experience with Arrive homes has been very positive and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is thinking about living in London."

Paul Nixon, Previous Tenant

"My experience with Arrive Homes has been excellent. My arrival into London was a seamless transition from the airport to my new home. I met with the Arrive Homes representative at a coffee shop who then walked me to the house. I had a look around and the place was fantastic - a big room, in a nice area with very friendly roommates. We have wireless Internet and TV included and the place is a 5-minute walk to the tube station. The Arrive Home reps are personable and have been very accommodating.

By going with Arrive Homes, it will save you the stress and hassle of searching London for a suitable place. They have done this before so they know what they are doing and are trustworthy."

Kristen Watt, Previous Tenant

"I have no hesitation in recommending Arrive Homes to anyone moving to London. They made the transition of moving from Australia to the UK easy and simple. I contacted them a few weeks before arriving and they took care of everything. I simply e-mailed them with the details of what I was looking for and when I arrived in London everything was ready to go.

The flat had recently been refurbished and the rooms were all great sizes. Not only were the rooms fully furnished, but Aaron and Phil had also organised cable television and wireless internet, all included in the rental costs. Having bills included in the rent was a necessity for me as I wasn't prepared to be locked in to 12-month contracts. As many people will tell you, moving to live in the UK can be a stressful, time consuming and expensive process. I found this process with Arrive Homes quick and easy, and this is truly thanks to the great service that Aaron and Phil provide."

Brynn Achtymichuk, Tenant

“My experience with ArriveHomes was great. They helped make the process of moving to London much easier and were very helpful answering any questions or concerns I had during my stay. I would definitely recommend them for someone looking for a place in London.”

Danika Stanley, Tenant

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your services and being so understanding in situations through-out my time living here”

“You have made my experience here very enjoyable and comfortable and provide a wonderful service i will certainly recommend to anyone else in my situation."

Simone Gianarelli, Tenant

“I would recommend Arrive Homes for finding a rental. It was particularly helpful when I could secure a property all the way from Melbourne, Australia. This gave me complete piece of mind in a new city. I only had one bill per month so there were no surprise costs. Many thanks!"

Keshia P, Tenant

“Just wanted to thank you and Phil for everything. It was so easy to communicate and get my accomodation sorted all the way from New Zealand! You guys definitely made the move slightly less stressful."

Joana Ramos, Tenant

“I just wanted to say many thanks for all the help you gave me in this process of finding a house here in London, I am sure that without the help of "Arrive Homes" this process would be very different."

“I am already at my new residence and everything seems perfect, couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much to all of you!"

Alex Stevenson, Tenant

“Kate and I both had a tremendous experience with Arrive and when we return to the UK (visas pending), we'll definitely be in contact."